Smart Car Insurance


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Our Solution

Our platform consists of an electronic device installed in the vehicle, a data analysis system, and a single application for A-Z insurance procedures.

All-in-one Insurance App

Simple Issuance, Fast Claim, Monitoring Driving Behavior.

Data Analysis

Evaluate Driver’s Risk and Fair Pricing, Recognize Accident and Intensity.


Real-time Data Transfer, Improve Fraud Detection, Decrease Theft Risk.


Fairsich is a Berlin-based InsurTech startup that provides a smart car insurance solution. We believe insurance is generally perceived as an unpleasant experience, not only since you have to pay for an uncertain benefit in the future, but also you will receive that benefit through a long and complicated process. It can be even worse when it comes to existing unfair car insurance policies that do not distinguish good and bad driving behavior accurately. Fairsich car insurance solution evaluates driving behavior, and based on that, offers fair pricing and fast claims. Our vision is to promote good quality driving behavior and also to provide a pleasant car insurance experience.


Behzad Sabeti


Vahid Maghsoodi


Niloufar Khavari


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